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What we do: 

1. Small repairs, installations and maintenance work.

2. Make readies for pre or post sale homes and rentals. 




$100.00 for first hour service call fee

$75.00 per hour after the first

$35.00 per hour for each helper if needed


We bill hourly with a one hour minimum service call fee of $100 and $75/hr after that (+$35/hr for a helper if needed). If the work takes less than an hour or you choose not to do the work you are billed for the one hour minimum.




1. We give general estimates over the phone/email, please send use photos via text or email
2. We send you a work order for your approval. 
3. Once on site and before beginning work we walk the job with you and adjust the estimate up or down if needed. If you opt to not continue with the work you will be charged for the minimum service call fee of $100. 



We do not mark up materials but we do charge to pick them up. You are welcome to pay for the materials over the phone if the store we are going to accepts phone purchases. All materials costs will be in addition to the hourly labor charge. 


Sundries charges: 
We charge for sundries, which are items that we carry with us and are used in the process of working on your project such as masking tape, sheet rock mud, caulk, etc. (this can be as little as $10 dollars, sometimes we do not charge for sundries if they are small enough) 





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